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A great way to reduce those heaps of leaves to a fine useful mulch; 11:1 reduction in volume

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The WORX Leaf  shredder is a handy tool that reduces bulky piles of leaves into a fine useable mulch that is handy for use in the garden, or to use later as compost to improve soil condition and nutrients for all your garden plants. The WORX electric shredder chipper has the ability to reduce the volume of the leaves you use eleven times, meaning it saves heaps on trash and converts the leaves into a very useful product.

It has been worked out that almost a quarter of the waste coming from the urban belt is made up of yard or garden waste. In the Fall or Autumn, however, this figure can increase to almost 60%. So shredder units like the WORX Leaf Shredder  are a valuable garden tool for environmental recycling.

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The WORX Leaf Shredder works on a “Flex-a-Line shredding system” that has no metal blades but uses the normal, heavy-duty nylon line that is used in the grass trimmers. The nylon is therefore easy and cheap to replace when replacement is required.

The motor behind the WORX Leaf Shredder is rated at 13 Amps and the leaves are fed through a 13 inch wide cutting area. It is estimated that the shredder can process 53 “gallons” of leaves per minute.

Being electric it is easy to start and quiet and the 13 amp motor rotates the cutters at 8,500 revs per minute so is able to shred leaves and small twigs quite effectively.  The WORX Leaf Shredder is designed so that air and shredded leaves are separated via an air cooling intake and so reduce dust development. There is an attachment at the base of the unit that allows the attachment of paper or plastic bags for collection.

The WORX Leaf Shredder can be assembled without the use of tools and assembly is a relatively easy process.  Similarly, when putting into storage it can be dismantled to reduce it to a small size. The leaf shredder is covered by a limited 2 year warranty.


Specifications of the WORX Electric Leaf Shredder

  • Bladeless shredding
  • 53 “gallons” of leaves per minute capacity
  • WORX Leaf Shredder has a 11:1 shredding capability
  • No tool, cutter line replacement – uses 0.090-inch gauge x 13 inch trimmer line
  • Dimensions:  Width 22.5 inches; Depth 22.5 inches; diameter 13 inches
  • Weight 20 lbs; Shipped weight 26 lbs
  • Electric motor 13 Amp  rated, motor RPM 8,500
  • Dust reducing, clean air motor cooling system
  • Plastic and/or paper bag attachment
  • No tools for assembly, dismantles for convenient storage
  • 24 replacement lines supplied; Two year limited Warranty


Reviews of the WORX Electric Leaf Shredder

It seems the WORX Leaf Shredder has a good reputation for doing a good job. Nearly half of the users gave it a grade 5 (48%) and more than a quarter gave it a grade 4 (28%). As I have said with other brands it helps to read the instructions. As one reviewer was moved to comment after he had had problems with theWORX Leaf Shredder blocking “ ……like the instructions say, use two hands full and gradually drop the leaves into the vat.”

Ease of assembly was appreciated by many reviewers, and the need for protective gear during operations was mentioned by almost everybody. Users mostly thought theWORX Leaf Shredderdid what they thought it would do, with a few learning how to feed the hopper so it didn’t block.

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Most liked the simplicity of the operation and the fact that line replacement was easy. Some suggested using heavier line (Grass Gator .105″/2.7 mm Zip Line Pro) and one user changed to braided stainless steel, but using this might void the warranty!

A few thought the resulting mulch a bit variable in size with some leaves getting through unshredded, but it appears that twigs about pipe cleaner size or half a pencil will be dealt to.  The WORX Leaf Shredder was capable of shredding wet leaves but feeding the hopper needed to be a bit slower.

There was general agreement that the 11:1 reduction was pretty accurate, some said about 9:1 others quoting about 13:1. This will depend on whether the leaves are wet or dry.

Well the WORX Leaf Shredder is certainly appreciated by those that have purchased it, and does the mulching job efficiently without too many problems, so we would recommend it strongly at Position 2.

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