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The Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper is a mobile garden tool that can clean up leaves and small branches

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The Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper is one of the group of shredders that are light, easily mobile and designed to save you time in your yard clean up especially around Autumn. Being electrically powered they have no hassle startup and are relatively easy care.

The Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper is powered by a 15 Amp rated motor which is quite powerful for this size of shredder, this motor drives the units reversible cutting blades at 3800 revolutions per minute (rpm). This rating enables the Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper to deal to branches with a diameter up to 1.5 inches.

As with most electric units there is a safety cut out overload switch so if the chipper should jam then the engine will automatically cut out. Reset is therefore easy and this function extends the life of the chipper.

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The body of the Lawnmaster Leaf Shredder Chipper is constructed of UV stabilized  plastic, and it comes with a “push stick” to aid n the safety of introducing material into the hopper. In the hopper is a removeable panel that gives access to the inside allowing any jams to be cleared. It also allows for the reversible blades to be changed. Once this panel is opened a safety switch isolates the electricity removing the chance of accidents! To avoid power disconnection a cord keeper is situated on the side.

Although the Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper can be used without a collection bag,  a heavy duty one is included to bag up the chips or mulch that are being produced. The Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper has the ability to reduce about 10 bags of yard and garden material down to one bag.  Therefore saving money and time on waste removal as well as producing mulch or if desired, compost for your garden.

Although the Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper is not really heavy at 25.8 pounds, its 8 inch wheels make moving it around a lot easier.

Specifications: Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper

  • 15 amp rated motor with automatic overload cut out.
  • 1.5 inch maximum cutting
  • Reduce 10 bags to 1bag of mulch
  • 3800 RPM reversible cutting blade
  • The Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper has 8″ wheels
  • Weight 25.8 pounds

Reviews of the Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper

Well, even though the sample size of the Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper reviews was limited, no reviewer graded it five or four, in fact it was about 50:50 between three and two. So the performance of this model shredder has not been well received so far. Although users were impressed with the power of the Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper, they were not impressed with its ability to chip branches. One user said he had difficulty effectively chipping 0.125 (1/8) inch branches, any larger it just seemed to strip them. This could be something to do with the need to hold onto the branch as it is fed in – even so this is a bit irritating.Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper


Others said the Lawnmaster Leaf Shredder Chipper was great to have the 15 amps, but the top hopper opening was too small meaning you had to reduce the size of material by pruning before you fed it in. The “push stick” was a good idea though. One person had problems with the cut out switch and although Lawnmaster were quick to respond to the email, subsequent action was almost a month before a new one was dispatched. So bearing in mind the relatively limited size of the review we would have a “wait and see” attitude to our recommendation for the Lawnmaster Electric Shredder Chipper, because there are other shredders/chippers out there that are proving to be a good buy.

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