Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper


Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper



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Minor design problems tend to reduce the effectiveness of this shredder

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The Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper is designed for the gardener who has trees and shrubs that either drop their leaves in Fall  or that need to be pruned from time to time. This chipper/shredder will do that job. Also, because it is electrically driven, it will be quieter than a gas driven machine and simpler to start. As well, electrically operated equipment is easier to maintain and store.

No figures are given for the Earthwise Electric Shredder Chippers ability to reduce the volume of debris you may want to process, and assuming the finished product is fine enough it will be very good for mulch, or you could compost the mulch to improve the composition and fertility of your soil.

During the work carrying out our research, we have found that has a wide range of garden shredder chippers at great prices, including the Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper. CLICK HERE to see for yourself.

The Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper is built of mainly plastic construction and the electric feed cord is 1o inches in length. It has a plunger to push material into the cutters.  The chipper/shredder has an opening 13 inches wide and 19 inches deep. It stands at 44 inches high.

The Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper is rated at 14 Amps so is quite powerful and runs at a no load speed of 4000 revs per minute (rpm). It is stated that it will chip branches up to 1.6 inch diameter and can shred leaves as well. The Earthwise Leaf Shredder Chipper doesn’t have separate feeds for the branches and leaves.

The Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper is not heavy (delivery weight 32 pounds) but has good sized wheels to assist in moving it about the garden. Its upright shape means it is relatively easy to store when not in use.

Specifications of the Earthwise Electric Shredder  Chipper

  • Dimension: Width 13; Depth 19; Height 44 inches
  • Maximum Chip Diameter 1.6 inches
  • Has Wheels for Mobility
  • Rated 14 Amp Electric motor
  • No load RPM is 4000
  • Feed electric connection 10-Inch
  • The Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper has a Plastic body
  • Delivery weight 32 pounds

Reviews of the Earthwise Electric  Shredder  Chipper

Again we had trouble getting a reasonable number of reviews for the Earthwise Electric Chipper/Shredder, and those we did get were not very favorable I am afraid. No grade 5 or 4 was awarded, instead we look to grade 3 and 2 which were about even.

Generally the comments on the the  Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipperwere in reference to claims made in its sales promotion.

Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper


Reviewers was frustrated by the small opening in the top, although they thought the push stick was a useful addition. But one reckoned the rubber flaps actually got in the way when feeding in twigs and another user thought the receiving area was too small which meant it was frustrating when trying to introduce leaves.

There was agreement that the Earthwise Leaf Shredder Chipper could not handle 1.6 inch diameter branches; about 1 inch was possible. Also, it handled green branches better than dry ones.

There were comments that the a Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper could not handle  vine type plants or palm type leaves, but it is doubtful if any mental blade type chipper/shredder can handle this type of leaf successfully. They will tend to bind around the blades.

OK not much positive here for sure, but possibly a bit of a wait and see scenario until we get more reviews. So we wouldn’t recommend the Earthwise Electric Shredder Chipper at the moment. There are better performing shredder chippers available.

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